Contractor work at Foggy Box

For most of 2021, I was working with the fantastic team at Foggy Box to work on their VR game, Startenders. You can find some examples of the work I did there below. Click any image to get a close-up. Note that I left the team before the project was completed, as such any assets shown might not reflect the final state of the game.

While working on Startenders I used Blender, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Substance Painter and Unity.


This end-game device incorporates components from the various machines you’ll build in Startenders in it’s design.


Startenders features a number of fruits, used as garnish and for juice. These were modeled and textured by me. The design was loosely based on some rough sketches, but mostly done by me as well.


These machines were entirely modeled and textured by me, based on pre-existing concept art.




The bar is where the main gameplay loop happens, the Habitat is where the player spends their time when they’re not serving drinks.

Both of these environments were based on concept art. The habitat was in part rebuild from an existing model, while the bar didn’t require much new modeling work

I did not create the lighting or VFX for any of the below screenshots