Speed Limit

Game Jam, Team of 2

Speed Limit is a small game I made for the 2018 GMTK Jam in colaboration with a friend.

Our team was small, with me as the only artist, and one programmer, which posed for some new problems to overcome. Sadly, we fell short a couple of hours to implement all the features we made, but I hope I can learn from these shortcomings in the future.

the theme of the jam, “genre without mechanic”, was interpreted by us as a racing game without going fast. This means there are speed limits you need to follow if you don’t want a penalty. sadly while these features were made, they did not get implemented on time, along with the HUD.

my contribution to this game was all the art. This includes models, materials, post processing effects, particles and UI, Itch.io page visuals. and more.