Internship at Pajama Llama Games

From the 16th of september 2019 to the 24th of January 2020, I joined Pajama Llama Games in their studio in Ghent to create art for their game, Flotsam. The game released into early access during the period I was working there.

While working at the studio, I got to use a wide array of skills of all different kinds, I interacted with the community over discord and conventions (EGX London and Gameforce) and learned to work with new software in a new environment.




This old model needed an update to fit better into the style of the game as it had evolved over time. besides changing up the texture and model, I also created build states and an animation with particles and a displacement shader using vertex colors in unity.

Gas Station

This asset was made for a landmark where players could find oil.

Many iterations of this asset had been made, especially for the island it was placed on, as the vision of what the final product should look like had been changed since creating the concept art. The island was not finished due to the asset being put on hold.

I created this model and texture from scratch, and also created a concept of my own, a shader for landscape texture blending and a shader that allowed me to change the color of the outlines based on the vertexcolor.


The game had some shacks, but still needed some build states to visualize how far along the construction (or destruction) process they were. for some of these, a concept was available, but the examples displayed here were modeled by me completely. the final shacks and the textures had already been made by a different artist on the team.

Factory Workshop

This workshop asset was made to be placed on an other, preexisting asset, the factory. The player can build factory to expand it’s functionality.

This asset was made almost completely by me, including build states and animation, based on a piece of concept art by another artist. Some textures were re-used from previous assets.

Supermarket (unfinished)

This asset is a landmark players could investigate to obtain various resources, such as food and water. I created the model and texture from scratch, based on a concept art.

unfortunately, my internship ended while I was working on this asset, and I wasn’t able to finish it.