Game, Team of 5

Coriolis is a game I made in a team of 5 students (3 programmers, 2 artists)based on an effect in physics with the same name. The game took about 10 weeks to complete.

My role in this project was fairly diverse, I was responsible for creating assets (such as the wall, turret, grass..) but also spend lots of time putting sound effects into the game and making mockups and sprites for the UI, and spend some time doing other, smaller tasks as well (such as creating materials like the hologram and the bullet prediction beam). The other artists role on the team also did work on assets, but his role was more technical, doing work such as teaming up with a programmer for the creation of the level and making a complicated shader for the floor. Sometimes we collaborated on assets, where I made the design and model, where the other artist made the materials for it (examples: healing pad, tank, someĀ  of the rocks..).